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About Me


I have years of experience in many areas. I developed a passion for technology and perfection. I love computers because they allow you to do many tasks that you couldn't with just two hands. I started playing Sim City when I was 10 years old, learning how to design a city, and balance an ecomony was very insightful for me at such a young age. It opened the doors to many things I wanted to pursue. Over the course of growing up, I went through phases of wanting to be in the CIA, a white hat hacker, an IT Admin, and eventually a developer. I've been in the Air Force, and through many experiences in my life that led me to want to help those that struggle with knowing the ins and outs of technology. It can be very daunting to those that haven't stayed with it, and since it moved fast, it's hard to get back into it. I have been fortunate to stay up to date (so far), and that's what led me to start Blue Radiance.


Home & Small Business IT services

•    Setup and Optimization (including. Project Rollouts)
•    Onsite/Remote Tech Support*
•    Wi-Fi/Ethernet Installation & Setup
•    Build Desktop Computers
•    Hardware/Software Computer Cleaning
•    Website setup and maintenance
•    VOIP Phone System setup
•    Technology Consulting
•    Android Troubleshooting (including flashing)*
*Some technology cannot be installed or setup remotely. Travel at cost of gas (Flight/Food/Lodging for out of Utah State Clients).

**Flashing service for Samsung devices only.
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